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The Future of Law Enforcement


17 July 1987
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Part man.

Part machine.

All cop.

The future of law enforcement?

These are the stories of a 6'6" cyborg police officer known officially as RoboCop, though he prefers to be called Murphy. Yes, he can wrestle a car and win; no, he will not help you train for a marathon.

I've finally settled on a timeline. This is the Murphy we see after RoboCop,RoboCop 2, Frank Miller's RoboCop, and Prime Directives Part 1 and 2. With the potential to become RoboCop vs Terminator. So far as physical abilities go, many technical aspects of this character have changed. He is much more graceful than a man in a RoboCop suit, and more agile, as well. He has additional capabilities which, by my standards, still reside well within the same realm of feasibility as the character itself. Electromagnetic hands, taser, etc. In addition, due to his artificially heightened metabolism and cellular repair rate, he is effectively immortal, and works 6 day shifts.

Murphy is a US Marshal at this point and his activities will range across the United States.